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Version Date Comment
0.52.0 Nov/30/2006
0.51.1 Nov/28/2006
0.51.0 Nov/27/2006
0.50.1 Nov/17/2006
    • Corrected the word order in the section About this Web Site:

      "... German is my mother tongue ..."

      "... my mother tongue is German ..."


      "... this Web site will be available in English only, ..."

      "... this Web site will be only available in English, ..."

0.50.0 Nov/14/2006
    • Added a resource to the section The Gamer's Resources:
      ... focused on Hardware & Accessories
      PC-Cooling is ...

      PC-Cooling is a German online shop for high-quality gaming, modding and cooling accessories.
      TigerPixel.DE recommends this shop:

      • PC-Cooling's Web site has a very clear user interface.
      • PC-Cooling's Web site provides many details (e.g. various images) for each offered product.
      • PC-Cooling's T&Cs (i.e. general terms and conditions, in Germany AGB called) are easily to understand and, in my humble opinion, without any pitfall for the end customer (e.g. transfer of risk, in Germany Gefahrenübergang called).
      • PC-Cooling has a fair model for shipping and handling costs.

      Read more why PC-Cooling is a good choice for your next shopping.

      Moreover the company PC-Cooling GmbH is the owner of the trademark Cooltek that stands for high-quality gaming, modding and cooling accessories.

0.49.1 Nov/09/2006
0.49.0 Nov/07/2006
0.48.1 Nov/01/2006

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