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TigerPixel.DE has been welcome to the Closed Beta of the upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4: Beta Overview Video ( Battlefield )

The Beta will be open to all players around the world by October 4th, 2013.

This is Battlefield 4 Multiplayer ( Battlefield )

And the good news is that my next generation gaming PC is on the way! At this time I'm able to participate in the Beta because I purchased a powerful business notebook in July 2013.


TigerPixel.DE has become a proud owner of the Battlefield 3 Premium package.

Battlefield 3 Premium - The Battle Has Never Been Bigger ... ( Battlefield )

Keep in mind that the Battlefield 3 Premium package has been already released in 2012.

Battlefield 3™ Premium Launch Trailer Official E3 2012 ( Battlefield )

Unfortunately I've discontinued my engagement in the Battlefield 3 combat zones for more than a year now, because my primary gaming computer assembled in 2006 is just too weak. And for job-related reasons (weekly business trips, ...) I've not been able yet to assemble my overdue next generation gaming PC. But this year – come hell or high water – I'm going to focus my activities to the release of the Battlefield 4 game.

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