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TigerPixel.DE has registered via the official ParaWorld community site as a player of ESL, the Electronic Sports League.


TigerPixel.DE is going to make a name for himself as conqueror in ParaWorld now.

Paraworld Logo

Normally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are TigerPixel.DE's days of rest, but with the today's release of the RTS game ParaWorld this rule is suspended for the next months.


TigerPixel.DE has been welcome to the closed beta test (phase 4) of the upcoming computer game ParaWorld. The beta 4 test phase is exclusively focused on the multiplayer part (in contrast to the two preceding beta test phases).


TigerPixel.DE has enrolled for the Open Beta of the upcoming computer game War Rock. The US/EU Open Beta was launched on July 14th, 2006.


TigerPixel.DE has been welcome to the closed beta test (phase 3) of the upcoming computer game ParaWorld.


TigerPixel.DE has become a beta tester for the closed beta test (phase 2) of the upcoming computer game ParaWorld.


TigerPixel.DE has been promoted to Sergeant in Battlefield 2:

Promotion to Sergeant


TigerPixel.DE has turned over a new leaf in his history of computer gaming.
I play the computer game Crashday now. It is the first racing game that has got its home on my computer. Crashday has been praised by the German magazine GameStar because of its multiplayer part. Indeed, I enjoy it. And the accompanying songs rock too:

  • Interpreter Jan Morganstern with the song
    • Big Beat Delta (electronic)
  • Interpreter LowBuz with the song
    • On The Ledge
  • Interpreter Pencilcase with the songs
    • Crashday
    • Mrs. Rock'n'Roll Detective
    • Speed
  • Interpreter Peter Struck with the songs
    • Crowd (electronic)
    • Experience
    • Hands On A Wheel
    • Just Got To Town (electronic)
    • Move With Energy
    • Move With Energy (electronic)
    • New Contact (electronic)
    • Space Rider (electronic)
    • Time Explosion (electronic)
  • Interpreter pro.fac with the songs
    • Boom
    • Jody's Campus

The listed songs can be retrieved as files of the format Ogg from the installation directory of the computer game Crashday.


TigerPixel.DE has received the second edition Fundamentals of Computer Graphics written by Peter Shirley and several coauthors.
I've purchased this book for two reasons:

  • What are the odds!
    After I had adopted the nickname TigerPixel.DE with the beginning of the year 2006, I read a review of this book in the German IT magazine c't, edition 03/2006 published on January 23rd, 2006. I was really flabbergasted that the image of the cover printed on page 218 presents the head of a tiger.
  • Computer graphics was one of my primary interests during my main study period of mathematics in the second half of the eighties. The interest in computer graphics was a consequence of the fact that I had bought an AMIGA 2000A in summer 1986.

TigerPixel.DE has intervened for the first time after the Battlefield 2 patch 1.2 was released.

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