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In December 2002 a big change affected my life: I read in the November issue 11/2002 of the GameStar magazine a compelling review of the first-person shooter Battlefield 1942. The review commended the shooter with the award "für besondere Multiplayer-Güte" (in English: for particular quality in multiplayer). Moreover the game received a score of 90 out of 100. Until then I was only a fan of strategy games (e.g. Empire Earth published by SIERRA ON-LINE in fall 2001) but absolutely not of first-person shooters. I thought to myself that the multiplayer demo of the computer game Battlefield 1942 could be a good load test for the new powerful computer I had assembled at that time. If I remember rightly, it was Saturday the 21st of December 2002 shortly before midnight, when I started my first gaming session with the Battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo. On the subsequent Sunday at 4 o'clock p.m., that is 16 hours later, only a crash of the demo could coerce me into taking a break.

But bear in mind, that the duration of this gaming session was an exceptional event in my life normally determined by a certain discipline. Mainly three reasons were responsible for this duration:

  1. The gameplay which I had never experienced before.
  2. The beginning of my Christmas holidays: I was not in debt to someone at the said weekend.
  3. My superior physical fitness and mental toughness.

I mention all this only because I had a telephone interview with a potential Swiss employer in 2007. When I told the listeners on the other end only my interest in multiplayer games they were losing their interest in my person.

Meanwhile my player experience regarding multiplayer shooters covers (in chronological descending order for the main game):

Moreover the person behind TigerPixel.DE is a veteran of the RTT computer games Ground Control published in June 2000 and Ground Control II – Operation Exodus published in June 2004. Both games were produced by the game development studio Massive Entertainment.

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