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v0.62.1 on Jan/30/2007
v0.62.0 on Jan/27/2007
    • Added a resource to the section The Gamer's Resources:
      ... focused on Hardware & Accessories
      KVM-Switch Versand
      KVM-Switch Versand is ...

      KVM-Switch Versand is a German online shop specialized in the selling of KVM switches and accessories. By the way, the token "KVM" is the abbreviation for the words "keyboard", "video" and "mouse".

      Now you maybe think: "How are KVM switches related to (computer) gaming?"
      Well! In my humble opinion, persons who like computer games are also interested in computer hardware sometimes. Therefore they have not only one but two or more computers, like me. And I'm really flabbergasted about the wide range of KVM switches offered by this shop. There are switches capable of switching between several output signals intended for a 7.1 speaker system! For example: UNICLASS 2-Port DVI+VGA/USB2.0/Audio KVM-Switch. KVM-Switch Versand asserts the claim only to offer high-quality branded articles and no no-name products. Citation from the KVM-Switch Versand's Web site (unfortunately in German):
      "Uniclass + Gefen + Avocent ===> Adder + Belkin + ATEN + Level1 ===> NoName Geräte, die wir nicht anbieten."

      TigerPixel.DE recommends this shop:

      • KVM-Switch Versand's Web site satisfactorily shows that the persons behind the scenes have a very good knowledge of KVM switches.
      • KVM-Switch Versand's Web site provides many details (e.g. various images) for each offered product.
      • KVM-Switch Versand's T&Cs (i.e. general terms and conditions, in Germany AGB called) are easily to understand and, in my humble opinion, without any pitfall for every customer, e.g. transfer of risk, in Germany Gefahrenübergang called: The ordered articles are covered by insurance during the shipment.
      • KVM-Switch Versand has a fair model for shipping and handling costs, at least for German customers. Moreover the purchase can be done on account, normally.
      • The persons behind the scenes are really fast. In December 2006 I ordered the UNICLASS All-Driver PS2/VGA 4-Port KVM Switch article. I received the article alreay at the subsequent day. Let me say that I paid the the bill within few days as a matter of my virtue.

v0.60.1 on Jan/23/2007
v0.60.0 on Jan/22/2007
v0.59.0 on Jan/20/2007
    • Added various resources to the section The Gamer's Resources:
      Game Development
      Crystal Space
      Crystal Space is ...

      Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D engine framework for realtime 3D graphics which runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS/X. It is fully featured with support for vertex and fragment shaders, dynamic lighting and lightmaps, skeletal animation, physics, 3D sound, terrain engine, python support and much more. Version 1.0 was released in January 2007 – after nearly 10 years of development.

      Tools & Utilties
      CEL is ...

      CEL is the abbreviation for Crystal Entity Layer.
      It is a set of plugins and applications built on top of the Crystal Space SDK. CEL provides a set of commonly used abstractions to make it easier to develop games. CEL also comes with a lot of useful plugins for 3rd/first person camera handling, physics, movement system, quest system, and so on.

      CEL is heavily oriented towards scripting (but also works in plain C++). Using CELstart it is not neccessary to use C++. This means that since the base code is C++, CEL is fast while being extremely easy to use from within Python and/or Xml.

      CELstart is ...

      CELstart is a CEL-based environment for making games using scripts only. It eases the development process for those less proficient with C++. That is, you don't need a C++ compiler to make games for CELstart.
      The games are distributed in self-contained packages (so-called celzips) and can be played by the user by simply opening them, independently from the underlying operating system Windows, Linux or MacOS/X.

      CRYSTAL CORE is ...

      CRYSTAL CORE is the main Crystal Space demo game. It makes heavy use of CEL and CELstart. It is going to be a first person shooter (FPS) with many quest and puzzle elements.

v0.57.1 on Jan/11/2007
v0.56.0 on Jan/04/2007

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