About my Nickname

With the turn of the year 2005 to the year 2006  TigerPixel.DE  became my official nickname for computer games, that is in particular for multiplayer games. I was keen to choose a nickname which is good for multiplayer games of any genre (e.g. RTS or FPS).

But what shall the nickname TigerPixel.DE express?

  1. On the one hand the word Tiger represents the opposite of my character: I'm very interested in public welfare.
  2. On the other hand the word Tiger shall express that I like cats. Before I moved from Aachen close to Darmstadt for job-related reasons at the end of March 2001 I had a cat called Cassandra:
    My cat Cassandra lying in front of the monitor
    My cat Cassandra lying in front of the monitor
    My cat Cassandra sitting on the monitor
    My cat Cassandra sitting on the monitor
  3. The word Pixel, that is a well-known term in computer graphics, shall express my affinity to the information technology.
  4. In my humble opinion, the composition TigerPixel is a really good metaphor for a competitor who only exists in the RAM of the computers (keyword: Virtual Reality).
    Moreover the word "TigerPixel" was fairly unique on January 8th, 2006, as the Google screenshot below indicates.
  5. The fragment .DE indicates that I'm from Germany: It is the top level domain for Web sites normally hosted by German residents.

From the release of Battlefield 2 to the end of the year 2005  get-you-gone.de  was my official nickname for multiplayer games. The idea behind this nickname: If you intend to start a fight with me the chances are that it is better for you to take to your heels immediately. This nickname should be a warning addressed to you. But I didn't live up to this nickname. Furthermore I received the impression that this name is too inartificial.

Before the release of Battlefield 2 I used the nickname Carlos GER.

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