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the Web site TigerPixel.DE normally makes heavy use of CSS 2.1.

But the exception is this page only designed by means of CSS 1.0 and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. It will be automatically displayed if the Web server identifies your browser as the Internet Explorer in a version lower than 7.0.

I strongly recommend the use of a reasonably modern browser. The following Web browsers pass the Acid2 test and are considered nearly to be conform to CSS 2.1:

In the most cases the matured and mostly discontinued Web browsers

provides a satisfying rendering of the pages of this Web site too.

Bear in mind that the vendors of the browsers Firefox and Opera already started to implement essential parts of CSS 2.1 before Steve Ballmer could perform the so-called Microsoft Dance:

Microsoft Dance

With the release of the browser Internet Explorer v8.0 I abandon the objective to integrate specific code that enables the browser Internet Explorer v7.x with its annoying bugs regarding CSS 2.1 (that is in spring 2007) to render the Web pages without any problems: Microsoft's Internet Explorer v8.0 is available at least for the same Windows versions as the browser Internet Explorer v7.0.


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A link shall give the visitor – in the context of the paragraph where the link arises – a better understanding of the object that is underlaid with this link. For example, if the operator mentions the city Aachen, the underlaying link determines which "Aachen" is exactly meant.

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